From modest ranch homes to vintage Victorian's, we must give one piece of advice...please do not throw anything away until we talk. We can meet first then plan how to clean it up. We know the value of most any item in the home and whether or not it is salvageable. Sometimes families are embarrassed to show a home's contents until they "clean up" but that may only make our work harder. Be advised, we have seen it all and then some.

We come fully insured and fully staffed and with 25 years experience in the business. We are paid on a commission basis which means no up-front or out of pocket cost to you. In some cases, we may purchase the entire contents of an estate thus eliminating the need to hold a sale.

We are experienced in working with families from out-of-town and offer services to private homes, retirement villages and senior apartments.

Our set-up, display and staging of your merchandise is professional, neat and creates an atmosphere for the consumers to shop. We DO NOT just open the door and have people ransack your home as some companies do.

We also have experience with probate courts, trusts, real estate agents and attorneys. We can work with your Realtor or refer one to you that best suits your area.  Written or informal appraisals are available as well. 

Our company is compassionate and professional and we have an extensive following of loyal customers that speak for us.