Simple, we do all the work for you. There is no need to sort or clean and throw away things. Everything has value at an estate sale and naturally you'd like to make all the revenue you can. Items can always be thrown away AFTER the sale.

After your initial phone call to us, we'd make arrangements to come out to see what exactly you have. We can make it a time to suit your schedule. There will be a short contract involved so both of us know what is expected of the other. Our sales usually are held for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday or Thursday and Friday. Of course, there's always the exception where dates, days and times are adjusted.

  •  We bring in our equipment (tables, tablecloths, plastic bins for sorting, showcases, etc.) and set up each room for the best display of your items.
  • We tag and price the items at "fair market values", using our general knowledge, books and the internet.
  • Personal items of the family's are kept in a safe place for you to pick up.
  • All advertising is placed by us in the appropriate newspapers, online websites and our extensive mailing list.

Opening day usually has a line of customers outside the home. We allow only a certain number of people in at any time during the morning in order to hold control. As they dispurse throughout the house, more are allowed to enter. We do not allow any "early birds", those showing up as we are working before the sale or earlier than the advertised day and time. We may bring in experts or someone more familiar with an item for evaluation for our own information and help in pricing.

Our staff handles the check out process and general atmosphere during the sale.

When the sale has concluded and during the following days, we come in, box leftover items for donation and pack up our supplies. We can arrange for donation and meet at the house for pick up of items. A meeting is planned at your convenience for payment and to return the keys.